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        Boundless Opportunity

        Boundless Opportunities

        Trade and Invest BC

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        British Columbia (B.C.) offers many advantages, including, being Canada’s gateway to Asia, abundant resources, a competitive business climate, strong public services, and a shared commitment to community. Innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity are the principles at the very heart of how we do business in British Columbia. Discover the advantages of investing in, expanding to, and buying from British Columbia, Canada.

        Trade & Invest BC - Global Map
        Trade & Invest BC - Global Map

        WHO WE ARE

        Trade and Invest BC helps organizations find and grow opportunity.

        We facilitate foreign investment and enable businesses to successfully expand to and establish a business presence in British Columbia, Canada. We also help build connections and partnerships by promoting the trade of B.C. products and services globally.

        Our teams are located in Canadian embassies, high commissions and consulates in cities around the world.

        Canada Place in Downtown Vancouver
        Trade and Invest BC global headquarters located at Canada Place in Vancouver

        Our Global Network

        Trade and Invest BC Representative offices

        • Canada
        • Vancouver
        • Japan
        • Tokyo
        • Europe
        • London
        • Seattle
        • San Francisco
        • Los Angeles
        • Boston
        • China
        • Beijing
        • Shanghai
        • Guangzhou
        • Southeast Asia
        • Manila
        • Jakarta
        • Singapore
        • India
        • Delhi
        • Mumbai
        • Chandigarh
        • South Korea
        • Seoul